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Welcome to The Starved Writer!

This site is for over-worked, under paid writers. Whether you work for a single company or as a freelance writer; supply web content, write ebooks, magazine or newspaper articles; the chances are, if you write, you are getting paid a lot less than you are worth.

We are all about helping writers and wanna-be writers stay up on news of their industry.

What are writers being paid? How are writers being treated? How can we become better writers? How can we make a better living doing what we love to do?

We scour the web for news of importance to the writing industry and we present it here, in bite-sized nuggets.

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If you have something to say, feel free to comment. We do advise you against saying anything bad about a former (or current) employer, however, as you never know when circumstances might force you to work for them again.

- Jerry Battiste