Thursday, April 5, 2012

Good News For Writers: eBooks Spur Reading

A new Pew Internet study shows that more than 20 percent of all Americans have read an eBook in the past year. Another interesting aspect of people who read eBooks: They read more books than anyone else.

This is not the first time I will write about what a boon I feel eBooks (and the Digital Age in general) are to the writing community. They empower people at each end of the spectrum (those who write books and those who read books) and create a number of new opportunities for people all along the process.

Independent eBook publishers are sprouting up like mushrooms after a spring rain; small bookstores are finding ways to capitalize on the growing digital movement to stay relevant; and just about everyone I know is either working on a new eBook, finishing an eBook or seriously considering starting an Ebook, and their chances of getting published, assuming they finish it, are now nearly 100%.

And this is just the beginning of what I believe will become a revolution in the story-telling world. eBooks are just getting started and already they have completely altered the landscape for everyone. As fast as new eBooks are being written, developers are finding new ways of enhancing their content and eReaders themselves are being stuffed full of new bells and whistles, making them much more effective for an assortment of things, besides reading books.

As the technology evolves the ability of writers to infuse their books with more story-telling elements (photos, videos, audio tracks, and who-knows-what-else) will grow. This will not make up for quality writing, however, so whomsoever writes best will still be the best writers, but it will provide a multitude of story telling options not currently available.

All of this adds up to renewed excitement for reading which in turn creates new opportunities for writers. And that, my friends, is a great thing for all of us.

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