Friday, February 3, 2012

Write To Sell Or Write For Love

Want to have a bestseller on Amazon but don't know where to start?

Stop reading this blog. I'm not going to reveal the secrets of the publishing universe to you, or give you step by step instructions for writing a bestseller. In fact, I'm going to do just the opposite and tell you to stop trying to write a bestseller altogether.

The fact is, either your book is well written, interesting and a bestseller, or it isn't. All the marketing in the world won't make your book resonate with readers, unless your plans include mass-hypnosis and subliminal messaging, and even then a certain number of people simply are not susceptible to mumbo-jumbo.

That's the difference between writing a book to sell and writing because you have a story to tell; love your characters and want to give voice to them. When you write to sell it shows. When you write for love, that shows too, and it makes all the difference in the world to your readers.

If you want to have a bestseller on Amazon the best advice I can offer you is to write something people want to read. Not just a catchy title and a cool cover, but a story with meat; a story that has meaning and depth; is well written and grammatically correct (get it edited!) without ridiculous spelling errors and an overuse of punctuation(!!!!!!!).

There is no secret recipe for having a successful book, whether it is an eBook or a traditional hardcover. There are simply some common sense rules about what is likely to sell and what is not; what is popular at the moment and what is not; what has legs and what does not. Even then you still need a quality, well-written book if you expect to sell them to a mass audience.

So stop looking for the secret to having a successful eBook. Stop buying eBooks that tell you how to have a "best selling eBook" and start writing a quality book. Once that part is done you can focus on marketing your book, and yes, there are secrets to doing that successfully.


J. R. Nova said...

I believe this will be the best blog post I'll read today, or in the next week, and not because I won't read another one! I'm bookmarking this, saving it, and reading it again just to remind myself to focus on the path and not the end.

I want to be a story teller, not a famous author. My first and only motivation. Story telling is to much fun, and trying to get rich too much stress. That the latter is sometimes a side effect of the former is icing on the cake.

Jerry Battiste said...

These were words were as much a reminder for me as for everyone who reads this blog.
Thanks for the comment!

Qarau said...

LOL! Great post. I really enjoyed reading this and was laughing all the way through. Write because you have a story to tell. Just awesome.