Thursday, February 16, 2012

Want To Make More Money On Amazon? Write Better Books

I have heard endless discussions about how to increase your eBook sales on Amazon; read countless articles on marketing your eBooks, attracting more readers and generally making a mint in the eBook market.

Despite all this effort at helping writers have a successful eBook, nobody talks about quality.

Yes, I said it. Quality. No matter how well you market your eBook, if it isn't any good, nobody will want to read it, much less buy it. I don't care if you have a web site, a Facebook Fan page and a Twitter account with a million Followers. A marketing campaign is not a substitute for having a well-written book.

Let's start with the basics: How's your spelling? Spell-check is free, you know. There is simply no excuse for misspellings in your book, ever. Period. Exclamation point.

How about your grammar? Is you said things dumb, people no want to read, even if words spelled write.


Finally, what about your subject matter? If you are writing fiction I suppose you just have to go with what you know. But if you are writing non-fiction, make certain you understand your audience will be limited to only those who have an interest in that specific topic. No point in marketing your book on classic films to people under the age of 25. I suppose you might find a few who will give it a shot, but they are likely not your core audience. And make certain you have a grasp of your subject beyond the ordinary. Don't tell your readers what they have probably already gleaned for themselves. Offer a fresh perspective, some previously unknown facts or trivia; something that will make them go, "wow! I didn't know that."

Once you know your book is well written, topical, interesting and put together well, find someone who you know will not just tell you what you want to hear, and let them read it. Their feedback is essential because it will be unbiased and likely to provide insights about your work that you had never considered.

So, before you launch an in-depth, no holds barred, carpet bombing marketing campaign for your eBook, be certain you are marketing a book worth reading. After all, people who BUY your book will ultimately READ it, too, so you want to make certain they ENJOY it.


Emily Hill said...


The URL to this blog entry just flashed across my Twitter feed and I am ALWAYS intersted in topics that PoP! on The Starved Writer.

Really? No one has an accolade for THIS entry? Is it so obvious to entrenched Indies that we, and those we mentor, must write (and publish) at the same quality as Hachette to make 'real' money as an author?

Thanks so much, Jerry, for stating for those Indies who are publishing without third-party peer review, who are publishing book covers designed from PowerPoint templates and clip-art images..."The Big Guns are coming to THIS SIDE of the aisle" ...Jackie Colliins not withstanding.

If an author wants to make money in the publishing business Today, they had better be savvy, pay attention to what is trending, learn the lingo, and be a Smart Cookie! I meet to many wanna-be writers who think the upload-and-walk-away method is going to pull some coin. Nope! Not even close!

Now, go back and comb through that story you're working on one more time. There are at least three typos lurking in the copy. And they are going to bite you as soon as you've published..believe me..I know!

And that brilliant concept for a book cover you've come up with? A $100-a-PoP! designer can turn YOUR concept into a worthy Grabber!

Making Money at Publishing is getting seriousEr and seriousEr by the day. In fact, only 50% of Amazon's holdings have sold ONE COPY. Any book with a ranking higher than 5,000,000 has probably only sold two copies. Now THAT'S slush! Think about it.

Kindle Self Publish said...

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