Thursday, February 9, 2012

Freelance Writers Get New Site; New Job Offers is trying to make it easier for businesses with a writing job opening to connect with qualified freelance writers who can fill that need. The site is specific to freelance writers and writing jobs and aims to be a better resource for both businesses in need of a freelance writer and freelance writers in need of a job.

Freelance writers can create professional profiles to use to promote themselves and their work. Businesses can use the site to find and pay writers and it even offers a free copy-check tool to make certain the work they receive is original and not plagiarized.

So what's the catch? No catch. Just a new job network for freelance writers. It might even help you find some freelance writing work to tide you over until next month when the publisher finally accepts your manuscript.

Or it might be another site which helps businesses pay the absolute minimum for quality crafted writing projects which they cannot do themselves.

Whoops--I said there wasn't a catch, didn't I? Sorry. I can't help myself. I have seen so many writing jobs that offer wages I wouldn't pay a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters I am more than a bit cynical.

Some of the more jaw-dropping job offers I've seen (not at only have a handful of jobs listed at this point) include a man who wanted me to write an entire ebook for $50; a company that wanted me to write 1000 word articles for less than one penny per word and companies that wanted me to write content for their web site for free. (Yes-free.)

It was too many hours of looking at jobs like those that spurred me to create

The idea there is a new web site to help freelance writers find jobs is great, but what kind of jobs are they going to find? When is writing going to be recognized as an important skill and not simply a low-end commodity that can be traded like so many widgets? If someone thinks my work isn't worth much, they aren't worth MY time.

Let's go back to those 1000 word articles which they offered me a half-cent for. I would have been required to do all the research for each one, in addition to writing the article itself. Let's say, assuming I had a decent grasp of the topic before hand, they would take me about an hour each. At $5 an hour that's not even minimum wage. If I were starving I suppose some work is better than no work, but it is important that writers begin to draw the line and tell these cheap-o's to stick it where the sun don't shine.

Until we demand respect for our craft we will not receive respect for our craft. Until we stop accepting ridiculously low offers for our hard work, we won't get anything better. There simply is no excuse for what some of these people are willing to pay for the written word.

The fact is, writing is not easy. If it were, they would be doing it themselves. Remember that.

So, visit Contentspree, Elance, ODesk or whatever freelance writing site you prefer, but remember to respect yourself. Because if you don't respect yourself and your craft, nobody else will.

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Andrew said...

I'm the co-founder of, thanks for the kind words. Our goal is to create a site where business receive high quality writing content and good writers are compensated fairly. We'll be increasing the number of jobs over the next few months and look forward to hearing feedback from writers about the site. Happy Writing!