Thursday, January 5, 2012

Write More; Lose Weight

An interesting new study was released this week. It seems a certain group of Canadian researchers has discovered there are serious psychological benefits of writing, including being a very influential factor for those trying to lose weight.

That's right. You read that correctly, according to these researchers, if you write as a part of your weight loss program you are much more likely to actually lose weight.

The fact is, writing does more than just help us lose weight. It helps us achieve balance in our lives; express thoughts, dreams, desires and feelings of inadequacy that we can then examine from a distance, thereby gaining a better perspective of them.

Every true writer already knows this. Writing is healthy for a great many of us. That's why we write regardless of whether or not we receive a penny for all our hard work. We might write from an autobiographical perspective or we might write fiction; we might write copy, blogs or white papers; but whatever we are writing likely has at least one or two identifying characteristics which are ours alone. In this way we are marking our territory and lending credence to our inner-belief that what we do actually makes a difference.

Losing weight from writing? Sure, why not. It has certainly proven an effective psychological restorative. That's why journaling is a part of almost every wellness program. It helps us heal because we can put down on paper what we feel inside without fear of reproach (so long as we don't let anyone read it.)

I have heard of wondrous results from those who have written down a list of the things which hinder them the most; their personal fears or weaknesses, then burn that piece of paper and blow away the ashes. I have also seen the power of making a list of things we WANT to happen, and then set about making them happen simply because they are on the list.

Writing is powerful. The "pen is mightier than the sword" was not said in jest. It was said as a point of fact. Everything we do today has its basis in something which was first written down.

So, if you're trying to lose weight, keep a journal of your thoughts, make a list, write down how you feel, what you are doing to make your life better; whatever you feel you need to say. Whatever else happens, writing certainly won't hurt the process and it might just help.

The research, published in Psychological Science - a journal of the Association for Psychological Science - stated that women who wrote about their most important values (like notes on close relationships, music or religion) lost more weight over the following few months than women who did not. The study was based on the ability to maintain self-control... a trait that becomes essential in a calorie-dense society that has succumbed to over-eating.

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