Monday, January 16, 2012

More Proof eBook Sales Are Getting Stronger

Although electronic books, ebooks, have been around for years now, the demand for them has not diminished. In fact, sales of eBooks have continued to grow, even as more traditional publishers have started to get into the game.

A recent report from London’s Bloomsbury Publishing shows that although the traditional book market slowed down last year (slowed, didn't die), their ebook sales were enough to increase their profits, possibly as high as $16 million. The sales of eBooks grew a whopping 38 percent last year from the year before, and the company is now looking to increase its holdings of eBooks to make better use of that growing market.

Bloomsbury Publishing is the company that brought us the powerhouse which is now known as "Harry Potter" so clearly they understand a burgeoning trend when they see one.

This past year more than 1 million e-readers were sold in the UK and those sales continue to climb, making eBook holdings even more relevant going forward. All this interest in eBooks by traditional book publishers is not simply grasping at straws. These are real numbers, signifying a growing trend which, if they are smart, more book publishers will grab hold of.

In the meantime, authors who are looking to reach new audiences, or those who cannot attract the attention of traditional publishing houses, have a new outlet in the form of eBooks which not only makes sense as an easy-to-use option, but is also a lucrative and growing market where new books are eagerly awaited.

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