Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Facebooking Your Way To Print

Are you an avid Facebook poster? Do you relish creating little quips and jokes; making Facebook posts which reach the heights of popularity and get Shared across the network?

Then you should "Like" Outskirts Press Facebook Page.

Outskirts Press is the self-publishing company that already turned their Facebook Wall Postings (the stuff posted by fans) into a very popular anthology. The revenue generated from the sale of their first book, Fandemonium, which they published last year, went to the American Red Cross.

For Fandemonium Volume 2 they are hoping to receive just as many submissions, all of which will be voted on via the "Like" button by other fans, and the most popular will be included in the book.

Here's some of what the press release said:

Authors with a poem, short story, joke, recipe, or any form of writing they would like to share with the world can visit the Outskirts Press Facebook page at facebook.com/outskirtspress to submit their work. The entries must be five thousand words or less and the writer must be the sole copyright holder for the piece they submit.

Submissions can be voted on by Facebook members with a click of the "Like" button to help Outskirts Press determine which contributions will be selected for the anthology.

Click here to read the entire press release.

If you have a Facebook post which you think deserves some recognition because of its uniqueness; an interesting topic or some similar thing, why not post it on their Page and see what happens.

You could simply collect all of your interesting Facebook posts into your own book and self-publish it through Amazon.com, but that might take a while. Using the Outskirts Press Fan Page you can get some immediate feedback from other users and you might just wind up in print.

It's probably not the right course for a novelist, but if you're into quips, why not give it a go.

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