Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ebooks Offer Story Telling Alternatives

One of the things I like the most about eBooks is their ability to offer more ways of telling a story. By incorporating the whole range of digital media offerings, your next eBook could be full of bells and whistles.

There is a new eBook publisher, Coliloquy, which is making a name for itself by offering choose your own adventure stories via the eBook format. Not only can the reader plod along a few specific paths, they can see alternative viewpoints from other characters, share insights, vote on outcomes and unlock new portions of the story.

In my opinion, this just scratches the surface when it comes to eBook possibilities.

With the integration of music a savvy author could add a soundtrack for each individual character, mood music or just help set the scene with snazzy sound effects. Suddenly you're adding depth to your story beyond just the words you put down on paper. You can add layers to your story which help enhance the feeling of actually being inside the story.

The possibility of adding video is another way in which eBooks can provide a more fulfilling reading experience. Short clips of action sequences, dreamy flash backs or just something to further draw the reader into the story--make it real--are tools which will soon be at the ready for all eBook authors.

Does this mean the simple act of reading a story, words on paper (digital or not) is going by the wayside? No, of course not.

There will always be a market for great authors who can weave a magical realm with nothing but their words. There is plenty of room in the Digital Age for another Charles Dickens or Jane Austen. Ebooks do not preclude the continued success of wrters who can tell good stories with words.

Having an abundance of new tools for eBooks is a way of making new and exciting books. Books which seem to come to life of their own accord are something altogether different from anything we have seen before. It's a way of tapping the multitude of talents many authors have today--music, film, poetry, technology; whatever they do beside writing, they will soon have the option of including in their eBook.

I think this is great for the industry, great for the authors and great for the readers.


Anonymous said...

I just went to their site and
1. You must have published a book prior to joining.
2. They only want books that focus on women.
3. The process goes as a. you submit your ebook. b. they read and decide if they want it. c. most submissions get turned away because they only want what will make them money. Publishing an ebook on what subject you choose is not an option.
In this article they talk about Choose your own adventure, well unless it is geared towards sex and women they don't want it. Children, hobbies, history, teens, none of these subjects are welcome there. Don't believe me? click on this it is from their site...

Jerry Battiste said...

Well, they can't be all things to all people, and they still represent a great start. If it proves more popular they will likely accept more genres/titles.

From the link you posted:

We’re currently focused on titles that will resonate with female Kindle readers, spanning popular romance, mysteries, and thrillers, to literary and experimental fiction. We are particularly interested in genre-busters—they usually make the most interesting books, and our social media focus is particularly well-suited to titles that would traditionally be difficult to market. So if you’ve ever heard “we loved it but don’t know where to shelve it,” we want to read it.

Our current wishlist includes:

Contemporary mainstream erotica short stories
Popular genres that have grown stale (legal, medical, grail, and heist thrillers)
Contemporary and experimental writers interested in exploring issues of memory, point of view, and perception