Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Choosing The Right eBook Publisher

So, you finally finished that eBook you've been working on all year and now you need to publish it. The question is: What's the best way to publish an eBook?


No doubt you have heard of that little company, Amazon. They represent about 60% of the eBook market, making them the largest eBook publisher in the world. But they are definitely not the only game in town. Companies such as Apple, Sony, Barnes & Noble, and most recently, Kobo and Copia also have eBook marketplaces open to authors. Obviously Amazon is the largest, but since they don't control 100% of the market it makes sense to fill the small void they do not occupy.

You could publish your eBook yourself, do all the work of formatting, design a cover and post it to Amazon or one (or all) of the other sites. Or there are a host of smaller eBook publishers which can not only help you get your eBook published, but also help you with proper formatting, editing; selecting and designing an eBook cover and choosing which markets to use to get your eBook in front of the largest possible audience.

Many of these smaller eBook publishers include Amazon in their list of eBook markets. They have experience designing eBooks so the process is much easier for them than it might be for you (especially if you're busy working at your day job or writing your next book.) These companies all charge a small fee for their services, but the end result is a product which looks better and stands a much better chance of success in the flooded eBook market.

Before you choose a route, however, it's best if you have a clear expectation of your eBook success, of lack thereof. If this is your first time writing a book you might want to consider trying to complete the process yourself. Yes, it is more time consuming and requires more work, but at least you will come away with a better understanding of the process. Also, doing it all yourself saves you all the upfront costs, so if your eBook bombs (which many do) you're not out any cash.

Once you have a better understanding of the process, however, you might want to consider a professional eBook publishing company. Choose one which provides a complete service and reaches the most eBook markets. Also, if you are uncertain of the eventual success of your eBook (and who isn't?) be certain you choose a company which offers you a good deal.

Remember, the more you do something, the better you will get at it. Expecting overnight success as an eBook author is unrealistic and liable to result in disappointment. Start small, start slow and you will have a much better chance of exceeding your expectations.


Chromilo Amin said...

I've taken the least expensive route and am doing all the editing and marketing of my ebooks myself. Like you said, doing it yourself helps educate you in understanding the entire process. It let's me go through multiple iterations of my ebook until I get feedback on the first sale.

Jerry Battiste said...

Good for you, Chromilo! Keep me posted on your progress. Also, I encourage all writers to post links to their work at my Starved Writer Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/StarvedWriter