Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You Think You Have (Writing) Problems?

I have certainly heard my fair share of complaints from writers as to why they haven't gotten around to writing a book: Too tired, too much "paid" work, too many responsibilities, too much of a headache; too many obstacles to overcome.

Writer, biographer and blogger Peter Winkler has his fair share of phyiscal difficulties which make it all but impossible for him to put pen to paper, or even fingers to keyboard, but that didn't stop him from writing and publishing a biography of Dennis Hopper.

Winkler never mentioned his physical difficulties when he pitched his book. He pitched his BOOK and that was enough to get the deal done.

The next time you think you have problems that keep you from writing the book you've always wanted to write think about Peter Winkler and ask yourself in the real obstacles aren't all in your mind....

In the virtual world, Winkler roams free. He blogs. He comments. He writes articles about film.

In the physical world, he increasingly is trapped - dependent on his sister and a long, red plastic chopstick.

Rheumatoid arthritis has battered him for 46 of his 55 years.

His neck won't turn. His head is pitched down, chin to chest. His elbow and wrist joints are so fixed in place, he cannot touch his face.

Sitting up in bed, he can no longer extend his arms far enough to place his fingertips on the keyboard of the MacBook Pro propped on a lap desk across his thighs.

Instead, he braces the chopstick between several fingers on his right hand and uses it to tap, tap, tap one key after another.

It's not so bad, he says. He's gotten pretty fast, and anyway, "I was always a two-finger typist."

Winkler never told his faraway agent about his stiff, bent fingers and locked joints, he says, because "frankly, it was not his business, it was not germane."

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