Friday, December 16, 2011

Christopher Hitchens: Writer, Revolutionary, Thinker, Man

Christopher Hitchens, 62, is dead.

Hitchens is perhaps the only writer with an asteroid named in his honor. He was astute observer of the human condition; a journalist, columnist, author and literary critic. Oh, and he believed the myth(s) of god(s) is bringing about catastrophe for the whole human race.

Hitchens believed that the global religious phenomenon was part of an underlying effort at totalitarianism meant to suppress everyone. The very idea that some sort of Supreme Being was watching, guiding; punishing and praising each and every one of us was completely against logic, he said, and not something we should be fooled into believing.

Some said Hitchens cancer diagnose was some sort of retribution for his antitheistic (a term he coined meaning "someone who is relieved that there's no evidence for such an assertion" that god may or may not exist) views. I believe he died of cancer because he likely had a genetic precondition or maybe smoked too much or was exposed to some chemical compound which caused it.

The world lost a Revolutionary of Thought when Hitchens died. I hope that an army of such revolutionaries will take up his banner and mount an assault on the pillars upon which most of human civilization has thus far been built, or at least carry his ideas further, questioning everything for the simple reason that they can.

Rest in peace, Christopher Hitchens. And thank you for thinking.

Hitchens himself was many things: a polemicist, reporter, author, rhetorician, militant atheist, drinker, name-dropper, and raconteur. He was also an absolutist. He liked a clear, defined target against which to take aim and fire; he knew what he wanted to write against and he did so with all the force and power of his formidable erudition and articulacy. Hitchens was an accomplished and prolific writer, but an even better speaker: his perfect sentences cascaded and tumbled, unstoppably. He was one of our greatest contemporary debaters, taking on all-comers on all subjects, except sport, in which he professed to have no interest at all.

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