Monday, November 28, 2011

"Quality Writers" Giving It Away

Excuse me while I barf.

I was searching the new writing industry news this morning (like I always do) I found a press release for a new company called Like many other free content sites they offer web site owners free content in exchange for a link to a precious metals company.

What struck me was the quote from the company's founder John Halloran: "After running a major precious metal company for so many years, I realized there's not many good writers out there, yet I built a database of the best in the world, and I'd like to use these writers to write free content for the public to build links for my precious metal websites."

I have a few choice words for Mr. Halloran. The first few words are unprintable. The rest go something like this: There are plenty of quality writers out here, it's just that we don't appreciate seeing our talents used to hawk crap in exchange for a meager sum which hardly covers the cost of the Ramen noodles most of us eat every night, much less the rent.

I have an idea, Mr. Halloran, encourage everyone to start paying writers what they are worth and I'm sure you will see the "quality" of writing go up. After all, it's about supply and demand. Demand goes up, and the prices go up, right? Oh, wait, that's only true in every profess except writing. As writers, we should learn to survive on scorn, disdain and a general lack of interest or appreciation from everyone.

I have never met Mr. Halloran, worked for Mr. Halloran and attempted to do business with Mr. Halloran. I am merely commenting on his press release, which, while touting a remarkable new web site, also steps down firmly on the neck of everyone working hard at the ART OF WRITING.

And it is an art. Period.

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