Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The New Supergirl: Re-Writing History

Supergirl is one of those also-ran comic characters. She was an established part of the Superman universe; she interacted with other characters, had a life, had her own family and even her own rogues gallery of villains to fight.

Now that DC Comics has re-started its entire comic book universe Supergirl is getting a new lease on life. In fact, like all the superheroes she is getting an entirely new life, new history, new ways of thinking, acting, fighting and feeling.

For long time fans of her comic book series this is no doubt confusing and perhaps a little unsettling. For the writers, however, it is an opportunity to re-imagine just what Supergirl might be like. It's a chance to re-write history without taking liberties--because the liberties have been given freely.

it is great to invent something new, a new story or character that can entertain and delight, but it is also fun to re-imagine a what-if scenario with characters everyone is already familiar with. Even if that re-imagining makes them complete unfamiliar.

Newsarama: Let's talk about Supergirl as a character. We've not met her. I think a lot of people had the perception that she was going to be this unfeeling alien, but there's obviously a lot of compassion in this girl, as we saw her love for her family and her concern for the people she thought were hurt in the Great Wall of China. Now that we've seen a bit of that and you're getting further into the series, who is Supergirl? How would you describe her?

Michael Green: We really just wanted her to be a real girl — somebody with relatable feelings, plausible feelings, and plausible reactions to an incredibly set of circumstances.

What would you do if you were a 16-year-old girl who expected to have the SAT's tomorrow, but instead woke up on an alien planet and had the powers of a god.

Mike Johnson: And when we've said in the past that we want her to be alien, that's really going to come across more as the series progresses and we see how she interacts with Earth. We've jumped in very quickly with her hectic arrival, but fundamentally, between Kryptonians and Earthlings, there is a common morality and common ethic. So yes, she is an alien, yet she's a very relatable girl.
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