Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's Not What You're Writing But How You Write it

Time was you could find your local writer sitting in a coffee shop scribbling furiously in a notebook. Pencil in hand, surrounded by a haze of thought and clouds of smoke from a clove cigarette, the writer would carve out his story as a sculptor carves a block of marble.

But time marches on and writers, just like everyone else, are not immune from the technological changes taking place in the world today. So, gone are the notebooks and pencils and here are the multitude of electronic devices (notebooks, netbooks, tablets and smartphones) that are just as portable and no less easy to use as a pencil and paper.

Evernote is a fairly useful tool for writing on your smartphone. since it is available to people who use something other than iPhone it is likely to be used by more writers, most of whom (like me) are starving.

It is worth mentioning however that regardless of what tool you use to write, the work is no less arduous, difficult and frustrating. Writing is a trial by fire; a wander through the dark woods of your own subconscious that often leads to many dead-ends and circles back over the same path you've walked before.

My advice is not to focus too much on the tools you use to write, unless you already have a paying gig as a writer. Instead focus on getting the content down any way you can and worry about the fancy tools later.

Whenever I write about working mobile, since I often detail using some gadget or another, I hear from readers who ask why I don’t just carry a laptop everywhere. That’s a logical question, but real life doesn’t unfold the way we plan. The reality is that in my busy life I often write in moments of opportunity, using whatever gadgetry I have in hand. The key ingredient to my mobile writing is the note-taking service from Evernote.

My life is hectic, with five adult children between my wife and me, all with families of their own and activities demanding frequent calendar checking. When a rare half hour of free time presents itself, I like to spend it writing about tech. It is how I unwind, and I enjoy those moments.

I rarely have a laptop with me at times such as those but I do have either a smartphone or a tablet of one type or another close by. That’s why Evernote is such a great tool for writing, as there is a native app for iOS and Android that is available on all gadgets I use and that syncs to the cloud.

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