Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Comics Writers United Under OWS Banner

What is going on with the now global Occupy Wall Street movement is no laughing matter, but that hasn't stopped comic writers and artists from creating an anthology of comics inspired by the recent events.

Comics have been a mainstay of newspapers since the days of Benjamin Franklin. Illustrators have a unique talent of capturing the essence of a moment and encapsulating it with a drawing and a sound bite that makes us think.

Thinking is the world's most undervalued skill. As a species we simply don't do enough of it. We form our opinions based on snap judgements about what we see, hardly ever listening to alternative views. A comic artist has a way of forcing us to think even when we don't realize we are. With a few choice words and drawings they evoke a sense of understanding that perhaps a thousands words or more could not.

That makes the "Occupy Comics: Art & Stories Inspired by Occupy Wall Street" project so interesting to me. I hope the authors can help explain what is happening and why it is so important. Not that I think they will convert opponents into believers. No, minds must be changed from within. Instead I hope they will present views that some readers had never considered, and maybe, just maybe, spur some new thinking, start some new conversations and show us something we have not seen before.

This in itself is more than enough, in my opinion. Everything else is up to the readers.

Featuring such popular creators as Charlie Adlard, Marc Andreyko, Tyler Crook, J.M. DeMatteis, Joshua Dysart, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Joseph Michael Linsner, Steve Niles, Steve Rolston, Tim Seeley, Ben Templesmith, Dan Goldman, Amanda Palmer and Darick Robertson, Occupy Comics has already received $10,000 in pledges via the Kickstarter fundraising platform. ComicsAlliance can confirm exclusively that Occupy Comics will also contain material by Mike Allred, Shannon Wheeler, Eric Drooker, Ryan Ottley, Dean Haspiel, Guy Denning and, perhaps most auspiciously, David Lloyd, whose work has already had a demonstrable influence on the Occupy movement, with many protesters wearing the Guy Fawkes mask he designed for his and Alan Moore's anarchist anti-hero in V for Vendetta.

Click here to read more about the OWS comics anthology.

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