Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christopher Paolini Shares His Thoughts

Christopher Paolini is the author behind the hit series of novels known as the "Inheritance Cycle." It began with the popular novel "Eragon" which was later turned into a Hollywood film. The film never amassed the type of sales that some had hoped but the fans of his books are legion. The books have sold more than 25 million copies, elevating Paolini to superstar status for fans of fantasy fiction.

Paolini began writing "Eragon" when he was just 15 years old. In little more than a week Paolini will celebrate his 28th birthday, secure in the knowledge that his cycle of books is now finished. He just completed the fourth and final novel "Inheritance."

Paolini shares some of his thoughts on the writing process and how much this series of books has dominated his life for the last two decades in an essay at the WallStreetJournal.com. He seems happy for having accomplished what he set out to do, but like many writers who have devoted so much time to a single subject, he also sounds happy to free of it.

When I finally arrived at the end of the manuscript, and I finally wrote the last chapter, the last page . . . the last sentence, a rush of heat passed through me, and I actually began to shake, almost as if I were chilled. The sensation was so overwhelming, I had to stop working on the last sentence and come back to it several weeks later, once my emotions were calmer.

After so long with this world and these characters, it’s hard to part with them—bittersweet almost. At times, I find myself wondering how certain characters are doing, and I’ve even felt tempted to sit down and start writing about them, it’s become such a habit.

Still, as sad as it is to say goodbye to the “Inheritance” cycle, I’m excited about moving on to some of the stories that have been bouncing around in my head for the past ten years. Some are fantasy, some are not, but all of them, I hope, are fun and interesting.

Click here to read more of Paolini's essay at WSJ.com.

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