Monday, October 3, 2011

Give Your Readers What They Want

Writing has become a more competitive market than ever since anyone can be a published author by blogging. The key is to give your readers what they want when they want it. Otherwise, it is easy for your writing to get lost amongst the millions of authors also trying to get readers to stick around.

Regardless if you're writing is news or interest oriented, readers won't continue to buy what you're offering unless you tend to the four basic concepts this article mentions.

Keeping the attention of a reader is important, especially if the reader is expected to convert. There are four critical elements to getting and holding attention with copy: usefulness, conciseness, urgency, and a promise kept.

Usefulness: What Does a Reader Want?

People do not tend to read texts or watch videos without a reason. You need to give them that reason again and again. This article starts with the main reason: keeping the attention of a reader, and it hits that point again and again. You need to do the same thing with your writing by discovering what the reader wants to hear about and coming back to that point.

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