Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Book Review: Launch Out Into The Deep!

If you are looking for a reason to renew your faith in God you just might find it within the pages of “Launch Out Into the Deep!” the new book of essays by Acacia Beumer.
At once toughing and thoughtful, Beumer's stories are meant to inspire us and propel us to higher spiritual heights. It doesn't seem to matter as much to Beumer what you choose to believe, just that you have faith in something greater than yourself.
It is clear after just a few lines that Beumer herself has a deep residing belief in the Holy Spirit, but she doesn't seem interested in pushing that belief on her readers as much as she seems to want to kinder the fire of spirituality that she honestly believes resides in everyone.
Is her God your God? Is your God the true God? That is beside the point. What matters most to Beumer is that you read her stories and get inspired to rekindle your relationship with whatever you believe in and reignite the fire of spirituality which you might have lost somewhere along the way. And she does this by pointing out the true terrors in the world today. Not ghosts or goblins or aliens, but disease, crime and bullying. Things which many of us understand intimately.
Beumer makes no secret of the fact she firmly believes in fairytales and happy endings, and how this belief stems from her belief in a just and righteous God. What she does with her stories is weave a tale that helps you find the same belief within yourself even though you might feel you had lost it long ago.
Don't go looking for a lengthy manuscript heavy of proselytizing when you pick up “Launch Out Into the Deep!”, but do expect to turn your focus inward on your own sense of belief of faith.
You never know what you might find when you look into your own heart.

No one ever said life was easy. As long as we live on this Earth, we will experience heartaches, disappointments, rejection, and betrayal. Be encouraged. You are not alone, for your Christian brothers and sisters all over the world are going through the same suffering (1 Peter 5:9). It is important to let go of hurtful memories from past experiences or relationships. Yes, people hurt you and said insulting things. It does not matter that they were Christians. When will you stop feeling justified in holding onto grudges, resentment, and bitterness? Do not allow their uncompassionate and insensitive actions and behavior to discourage you from trusting God. Has God failed you? Did God stop loving you? God never said men would not oppose you. He never said hardships would not come.

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