Friday, September 9, 2011

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

If you are a poet you might derive inspiration from a gentle summer breeze or a babbling brook. If you are a writer of thrilling crime novels you might find inspiration from a searing headline.

If you are a member of "The Kooks", those English darlings of the indie-rock scene, you might just get inspired whilst using the lavatory on a trans-Atlantic flight.

Yes, the loo. The potty. The john. The porcelain throne. The one room in my house that actually has a lock on the door.

Whatever you call it, that's where The Kooks' frontman, Luke Pritchard, said he recently found inspiration to write a new song.

As long as it works for him, who am I to argue?

Writers, as a breed, are fickle creatures. Our creative thoughts ebb and flow seemingly without pattern. Some days we are a fountain of words while other days our well runs dry. If we knew how to turn it on and off at will I'm sure most of us would, but alas, the Muse comes when She will and we must oblige Her.

So tell me, where and how do you find inspiration? (Leave a comment below)

In the meantime (before you leave a comment) here's a snippet of TOM THOROGOOD's article on Luke Pritchard in the loo:

He explains: "I always take my guitar on flights and I wrote this when I was on a plane to New York.

"I sneaked into the toilet for quite a while to write it.

"When I came out I thought the air hostesses were gonna give me grief.

"But they were cool — even though I had been in there for two hours."

The unusual writing environment appears to have paid off and the orchestral track signals a change in sound and outlook for the four-piece.

Luke says: "Time Above The Earth is one of the statements of the album. It's us doing everything differently.

"The lyrics are moving away from what we've done before — it's a philosophical song about being above the world and thinking about life.

"That song came right at the end of the recording. Hugh (bandmate Hugh Harris, guitars/piano) arranged the whole string part. He's really into classical music and string arranging."

Click here to read Thorogood's entire article.

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Aimee Carson said...

Two hours!?!If I'd been a passenger on the flight and needed to use said bathroom, I'd have been a little less cool with it LOL.

Nice post!