Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Unethical But Common Way For a Writer to Make a Buck

Some businesses are willing to pay for good publicity. Fake reviews are more difficult to spot these days.

Business will pay $5-10 for someone to speak highly of their work in a familiar, friendly tone with a realistic identity. By reading reviews that appear legitimate on social networking sites, people are more likely to go.

It is a way to hear word of mouth by people you don't even know. Social networking sites have definitely won over businesses in that regard. They make it almost too easy to post positive things about experiences users have recently had whether that be at a restaurant or in any other type of business.

While ethical dilemmas arise, people are still doing it and still making money off of writing fake reviews.

The new sketchy trend is for businesses (not just realtors) to hire fake online review writers. Cruise Craigslist in your city, and you’ll see realtors, retailers, plumbers and lenders paying $5 to $10 for a legitimate user to give them a review, so long as that user has an active Yelp account or a similar account. This gets businesses around having to make fake accounts and keep them active, instead, just pay a few bucks for a fake review. The truth is, the reviews look real, are written in natural language and are by a legitimate person, not “Thomas H. of Dallas, Texas” who has no bio or picture.

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