Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Self-Publishing Means Self-Promotion

Sean Platt, the dad behind @GhostwriterDad has a new book out. In fact, he has a series of books out called "Yesterday's Gone." The idea is to offer readers a new 100-page episode every three weeks with each episode ending in a cliffhanger.

Fortunately for Sean he is not only an excellent author, he also understands the importance of properly marketing your work. In addition to promoting the book on his Twitter feed he has created a web site (http://serializedfiction.com/) and has capitalized on the high volume of traffic seen at YouTube by creating his own video to promote the book. He also runs "Collective Inkwell" which is the label he self-publishes under, so of course you can find links to his new serialized stories there.

Sean really understands the importance of marketing his products. You might have a great manuscript sitting in your desk drawer, but it doesn't do you any good there. And if you're waiting for someone to come along and find it, promote it and laud you with praise--well, you're going to be sitting there an awful long time.

Take a tip from someone who has been there, done that, and figured how to make the system work for them. Sean's web site would be a good place to start:

Yesterday's Gone is a post-apocalyptic serialized thriller which follows the events after October 15, when most of the world's population vanished at 2:15 a.m. EST. This is the story of those who were left behind.

Yesterday's Gone returns to an old publishing standard -- serialized fiction with killer cliffhangers, with a new 100 page eBook every three weeks.

Click here to visit the "Yesterday's Gone" video trailer.

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ishmael said...

Taking advantage of social media was a clever strategy. It is the fastest and most convenient tool a self-published author can use to market his/her book.