Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Return Of The Serialized Novel (Again)

These days everyone is doing it: self-publishing.

With self-publishing you have the opportunity to market your book in ways which appeal to you: ebooks, print-on-demand, serialized versions, blogs. If you want to do it, the chances are you can do it online.

Such is the case with the new novel by Abby Slovin. She was inspired to write her 400-page novel after finding old boxes of love letters between her grandparents. However, despite the fact she had a finished product which read well and seemed to appeal to a mass audience, she couldn't find a publisher to take it on.

So, she is publishing it online. One chapter, each week, for eight months.


Slovin is hardly the first person to think of this and likely will not be the last. I believe it shows the indomitable Writer's Spirit which all great writers have.

Don't wait for someone to believe in you: Believe in yourself, first.

Slovin talked with The Jersey Journal reporter, Summer Dawn Hortillosa about the process:

“I didn’t know this aspect of their personalities,” Slovin said. “When we retrace people’s pasts, we get hit with a lot of emotion.”

She created a fictional world inspired by these emotions revolving around a similar theme.

“It surrounds the relationship between an eccentric grandmother and her granddaughter. And as the grandmother slips into dementia, the relationship backtracks and the granddaughter looks back at letters they exchanged throughout her childhood and young adulthood,” said the 28-year-old.

Read the rest of Hortillosa's article here.

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