Friday, September 30, 2011

How To Write About Your Pets

If you're a fan of "The Art Of Racing In The Rain" by Garth Stein, then you might be considering writing a book from the perspective of your own favorite pet.

But where do you begin?

Writing from the perspective of a pet or any animal is tricky. It is difficult to research what an animal might be thinking at any given time, seeing as how they don't speak (or write) or offer anything in the way of a record of their thoughts and feelings. The writer is pretty left to use his imagination to determine the right way to express these feelings and the right way to tell the story that keeps the reader entertained without feeling as if they are merely reading what the writer is thinking, instead of what the animal is thinking.

For those of us who are NOT Garth Stein (who already proved he can practically read the minds of at least dogs) there are writing courses available to help us understand how to writer better from the perspective of an animal. Whether it is our cat, dog or favorite goldfish, there is likely an interesting story there, just waiting for us to tell it.

We’re using this special edition of the Angel Animals Story of the Week to introduce you to WOOF, MEOW, WRITE, PUBLISH: Writing about Pets and Animals for Love and Money. It is our downloadable, comprehensive course for people who want to write books, articles, stories, and essays about animals for publication or pleasure.

Check out our new website that tells all about this one-of-a-kind writing course. Go to to download WOOF, MEOW, WRITE, PUBLISH now. You’ll love the 14-day return offer.

Never before have the authors of fourteen published pet books, many of which have won awards and become best-sellers, actually revealed the secrets of writing successfully in the specialized field of pet writing.

We are excited to finally be able to tell you about the techniques and hard-earned experiences that helped us sell over a quarter million books through retail outlets and online bookstores. Our pet writing keeps us in touch with you and thousands of others who read the online Angel Animals Story of the Week newsletter.

Did you know that our books are published in multiple languages, by major publishers in New York and the United Kingdom, and sold in bookstores and online around the world?

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