Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Have You Been In Bed With Jackie Collins?

In a recent interview with the Associated Press Jackie Collins said she was glad for the opportunity to help improve the sex lives of her readers, many of whom have approached her and said as much.

Collins is known for packing her books with steamy love sequences, exotic locales and stories that simply drip sexuality, but she also somehow manages to tell a great story while she does it.

As a writer Collins said it is difficult to imagine who is going to read your books, much less imagine what sort of impact it might have on their life.

Many writers say the best way to finish a book is to write it for yourself; try not to think about the reader at all, or even if it WILL get read. just tell your story, be happy with it, and the rest will happen in its own good time.

AP: What's the hardest thing about writing?

Collins: The hardest thing for me is getting to my desk in the morning. That is so difficult. ... I'll stagger to my desk and I will pick up my pen and I will write a sentence. I write in longhand. It takes me a long, long time to write my books. I have them bound in leather when the book is finished. I do a lot of things on the computer but when it comes to writing I want that black felt pen and I want that yellow legal pad and I'm good to go anywhere in the world.

AP: You're also a big fan of Twitter. (Her Twitter name is JackieJCollins.)

Collins: I love tweeting. I have so much fun with my fans. I've asked them for reviews. I answer people's questions. Sometimes I'll do a little survey and say, "Who is hot this week?" We tweet a lot about television. Also, I meet people on Twitter. ... I met Denise Richards and we had a lovely lunch one day. She told me all about her (ex-husband) Charlie (Sheen).

AP: Are you dating anyone?

Collins: I have a man for every occasion. When I was a kid growing up, I used to read my father's Playboy and I'd see these guys and they had fantastic apartments and cars. I have all of that now. Why would I want to hook myself up with one man when I've had two fantastic men in my life? One was my husband for over 20 years and one was my fiance for six years.

Click here to read the entire AP interview with Collins.

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