Wednesday, September 28, 2011

eBook Sales Continue To Climb

Amazon remains a dominant force in the world of eBooks, but across the board, eBook publishers continue to see an increase in production as more and more users flock to electronic forms of the printed word.

While the market in general continues to grow for eBook publishers, trade publishers, specifically those producing books for education, professional and business markets are seeing the most gains.

Makes sense to me. Anyone required to purchase a number of hefty tomes every year--like textbooks or professional guides-is likely interested in reducing costs. The best way to reduce the cost of producing a book (aside from cutting the pay of the writer) is to make the book available in an electronic format.

School districts around the United States are looking to switch from hard bound textbooks to electronic versions of the same books which can be accessed via e-readers or tablet computers. This makes life easier for the students, who have access to the latest information, and the school district, which sees the cost of electronic books dramatically less than the cost of traditional textbooks.

So far electronic books make up less than 25 percent of the publishing market, but signs of their continued growth show that when it comes to eBooks, the future is wide open.

eBook production is growing rapidly in the trade category. In fact, according to a new study from digital publishing company Aptara, eBook production for trade publishers rose from 50% to 76% in the last two years.

For the study Aptara tracked eBook trends for more than 1,300 book publishers including trade, education, professional and corporate markets. It also found that one out of five eBook publishers makes more than 10% of their revenues from eBooks.

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