Friday, August 12, 2011

Self-Publishing Service Movellas Expands To English Language Books

Receiving a Meffy award in London this year for best social media service, Danish company Movellas provides a platform for self-publishing writers. Those writers now choosing to self-publish rather than using traditional publishing methods are having to combine the roles of writer, publisher and marketer to push their work into the fray. Social media tools are the essential part of a successful marketing campaign.

Hard at work on your novel? Angling for a book deal? Well now there's another place online where you can share your wise words with others. Movellas is a Danish based start up that has expanded its offering to include English language books. The format is simple - you write your novel - or at least part of it - upload it to the site and then share it with others on the site as well letting all your friends know via Twitter and Facebook.

It is not a new idea. In fact you can also upload your wise words to Figment, Protagonize, WeBook and WritersCafe too. Or there's also Amazon's self-publishing options too and Lulu also has an ebook facility.
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