Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mr Tickle Turns 40

The characters of one of the best-selling British authors of the last decade, Roger Hargreaves, turned forty this week charming generations worldwide with the tales of Mr Men and Little Misses. Hargreaves hit on a winning formula with his cartoon people, embodiments of human personality traits which are still as popular with kids today as they were in the 70's. Speaking from experience, I enjoy being able to share books that I enjoyed as a child with my children and seeing them love it. Priceless.

Monsieur Chatouille, Don Cosquillas, Unser Herr Killekille all tickled the butcher and the policeman and no matter what language you speak, Mr Tickle's extraordinarily long arms continue to delight young readers all around the world.

The bright orange character celebrated his 40th birthday on Wednesday.

Mr. Tickle, created by Roger Hargreaves as an answer to his six-year-old son's question "what does a tickle look like?", along with Messrs Greedy, Nosey, Happy, Bump and Sneeze, formed the foundation of the Mr. Men children's books when they were first published in 1971.
The series of 49 Mr. Men and 36 Little Miss books has sold 120 million books worldwide since their first appearance -- an average of one copy sold every 2.5 seconds.
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