Monday, August 8, 2011

The E-Book Profitability Test - Ongoing.

Writers are, in unprecedented numbers moving into the E-book market preferring the expediency and freedom of self-publishing to previous methods. Some select few have had enormous success in this format whilst others are languishing. There is, as with all things, a magic formula: A great book, a fantastic social media back-up and...time. Author Edward Jay Epstein shares his experiences as both a print author and a self-publisher of E-books.

After publishing fifteen conventional books, I decided this spring to embark on a venture to publish e-books, that is, books that would be read on Kindles, iPads, smartphones, and Nooks. The advantage I see is that one can publish short new non-fiction books on current topics without going through the traditional book publishing process. This week, for example, I e-published Killing Castro, based on a secret CIA report (which I include) that shows that an assassination plot sponsored by Kennedy to kill Castro might have resulted in the assassination of Kennedy. Within twelve hours, it climbed to No. 16 on the American history best seller list, which is not that difficult given the velocity algorithm Amazon uses.
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