Thursday, August 4, 2011

'Dr Who' Restores The Luster Of Science Fiction

Look, if you remember Dr. Who as the bushy-haired guy with the crazy scarf and the funny teeth, it's time you tune in to the latest incarnation.
The new series on BBC has been airing for the past several years and it continues to garner praise (and viewers) even as it continues to re-invent the character so many of us grew up with.

Don't send your thank you letters to the BBC, however. It's the writers who deserve the praise. Folks like Robert Shearman, who helped re-introduce a new generation of viewers to the world's most wicked cyborgs, the Daleks. Shearman has recently taken a new gig as a student advisor at Edinburgh's Napier University. A well-deserved position which will hopefully inspire future writers at the university to become even better.

Though definitely science fiction oriented, Dr Who is one of those shows which relies not so much on special effects but on story and plot. Without excellently written scripts the show would not have capture the hearts and minds of a new audience. The quality of the writing is such that people of all ages, even those who don't care for science fiction, can find something to enjoy. Because in the end it is the stories which make the difference.

And the folks who write those stories truly deserve the priase.

Doctor Who star Matt Smith has told Newsbeat he wanted to make the new series of the show better than his debut.
The actor has filmed his second season as the Time Lord, accompanied once again by Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan.
Matt Smith told Newsbeat: "It was always my aim to make this season better than last season and I hope that's the case.

"I think the danger is if you sit back too much, it's not as good. You've got to keep the pressure on yourself in the way that makes it brilliant every day."
He became the third actor to play the Doctor since the show was revived in 2005, following on from Christopher Ecclestone and David Tennant.
Matt Smith said: "Obviously there was an inherent pressure last year with no one knowing what I was going to be like.
"I guess I'm a little more settled in now but it's about all our hands on deck. It's got to be better."
Doctor's housemate Karen Gillan agreed: "People have got such high expectations that you have to live up to it. We worked even harder to make the series better than last year. It's a dangerous thing to relax. We've got to make it bigger and better every time."
This series features guest appearances by James Corden, who returns as the Doctor's housemate.

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Cathy Cross said...

I've been nagging PBS39 to get Dr Who back now for a few months. I understand it is in the works, but may be a season behind....stay tuned and volunteer up to answer phones when they have that pledge drive!

Cathy Cross
Ft Wayne