Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kobo Keeps It Simple

E-Reading, that is. The device that you can read books on. Just read books on. No bells, whistles, no distractions. Lighter and more compact than it's competitors, small may be beautiful, but an uninterrupted good read? Priceless.
Don't misconstrue, but I go both ways — I'm a bi e-reader user.

My e-book reading odyssey began with the Kindle. Then I started using the Kindle app on my iPhone. I then moved to the second generation Kindle, then to the Kindle and iBook apps on the iPad.

I have now returned to a dedicated e-reader, the new Kobo eReader Touch Edition, switching with the Kindle and the iPad Kindle app where I have most of my unread books. As soon as I finish reading my pending Kindle books, I believe I will stay with Kobo.

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