Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Freedom For Chinese Dissident Writer

The life Chinese writer Liao Yiwu chose to lead in his native country, reporting on the truths he saw, was not an easy one. His freedoms were restricted and he suffered persecution in the pursuit of his work. Finally, the dissident writer has fled to freedom in the West, giving voice to those he left behind.

After being denied an exit visa 17 times, yanked off planes and trains by the police and threatened with yet more prison time, one of China’s most persecuted writers, Liao Yiwu, slipped across the border into Vietnam last week and then made his way, via Poland, to Germany, where he promptly declared himself an exile.
Liao Yiwu, one of the most persecuted writers in China, fled into self exile in Germany this week. While still in China, his writings on the plight of the country's downtrodden had earned him travel restrictions and threats from the police.
“I’m ecstatic, I’m finally free,” he said in a telephone interview from Berlin on Monday morning before plunging into a day of interviews and photo shoots. “I feel like I’m walking through a dream.”
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