Wednesday, May 25, 2011

'Glee' Lovers (And Writers) Please Get A Clue

I love comic books. I am not ashamed to admit it.So when I attack the people who like the hit FOX show 'Glee' understand it has nothing to do with me mocking people who like things that are weird, different or juvenile, it's more about the way they love it.

I appreciate comic book super heroes because they are the American Mythology. Every great nation has its own mythology, rooted in hundreds, if not thousands of years of history. As a nation we are barely out of our infancy so we don't have ancient heroes to reflect upon. Instead we have Superman, Batman and Spider-Man to worship.
(At least I do.)

But what the hell is wrong with these folks who like 'Glee'? Do they have a screw loose or something? I mean, it's great to see them getting all gung-ho about a show that supports musical performance, but have they visited their local high school lately?
I have. I was a reporter for almost two decades and I covered dozens of schools. Let me tell you, public education is a freakin' war zone. Arts have been gutted, completely decimated by the draconian cuts made to education. If they have a show choir it is completely self-funded. No school money to pay teachers, buy costumes, pay for road trips or support the performers in any way shape or form.
Hell, the cutting is getting so bad many elementary schools have eliminated their annual science fair competitions. Forget show choir.

'Glee' might be fun, and it might conjure up good memories, but the writers of this show clearly have no connection with the world in which they live. And neither do the fans of the show.

With superheroes I know where I stand. They are not real. They will not save the day. I know if I get bitten by a radioactive spider I will likely die of blood poisoning, not develop super human powers.
With 'Glee,' folks think they are getting an inside view of what their local high school students are doing with their free time. And that simply is not the case.
Students today are knuckling down hard to get every bit of scholarship money available to them. Or, they have given up completely on the very notion of going to college at all and have already found a job they working nearly full-time while they inch their way toward graduation.

Get a clue, 'Gleeks.' Your show might be fun but it is hardly an inside look at the state of show choirs in America. It's no more realistic than a super hero comic book. And tragically, it does a disservice to the teachers and students who right now are struggling just to survive another day in the American public education system.

I don't mind suspending disbelief for a good cause. But when I have to suspend disbelief in order to keep the contents of my stomach from spewing forth at my television screen, I have to draw the line.

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