Monday, May 9, 2011

Blogging After Death Pays Big Dividends

Apparently there is a trick to being a successful Blogger: Die.
That might be the lesson learned from Derek Miller, a blogger from Burnaby, B.C. who has been blogging about his fight against colorectal cancer the past couple years.
Miller lost that fight last week and his final blog was posted by his friend immediately after. Miller had written the blog post in anticipation of his impending death. He wanted the final word, and he was adamant that his wishes be followed exactly.

"Here it is. I'm dead, and this is my last post to my blog. In advance, I asked that once my body finally shut down from the punishments of my cancer, then my family and friends publish this prepared message I wrote—the first part of the process of turning this from an active website to an archive.
If you knew me at all in real life, you probably heard the news already from another source, but however you found out, consider this a confirmation: I was born on June 30, 1969 in Vancouver, Canada, and I died in Burnaby on May 3, 2011, age 41, of complications from stage 4 metastatic colorectal cancer. We all knew this was coming."

Miller had been blogging about his experiences dealing with life with cancer and seemingly preparing for the inevitable. Miller is survived by his wife and two young daughters and often expressed his sadness that he cannot be there for them when they need him.

After his death, as word spread across the Internet about his final post, Miller's site was inundated with visits. So inundated, in fact, that the servers couldn't handle the traffic and crashed. It has since been restored, however. Click here.

I wish his Blogging had somehow led to a break thru, a cure, a last minute reprieve from death; something that would have given the story a happy ending. For him, for his wife, for his children. Alas, it does not happen that way in real life.
In real life people die, the nice guy usually finishes last and evil often triumphs over good.
The fact is, if you want a fairy tale ending don't search the world. Head over to the library and grab a good book. Fairy tale endings are compliments of your friendly, neighborhood writer. Real life, well, it just happens.

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